School Tax

This post is about the proposed Burlington school tax increase.

I support the school tax increase. Think of it as preventative medicine, or going to the dentist. The longer you put it off the more expensive it gets! Taxes are an important factor, but knowing why these tax increases are occurring is also important. Most of the tax increase is due to accounting changes and mistakes that were made by the city and the state. Then there is the Pension Fund which has been under funded. When you crunch the figures, there is only 1.8% allocated for student needs, while the rest of the increase is to make up for loss of Federal funding for teachers, and the accounting changes stated above.

Our schools and students are our greatest investment. Poor schools impact our real estate value which decides who will move to or from our city. This in turn affects the quality of our neighborhoods. Most importantly, if our children aren’t educated, they can’t compete in this ruthless, economic market. That will bring down the well trained labor force, and that will mean loss of high tech and other businesses requiring skilled labor. So, the school tax increase is important and needs support.
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