About Phil

I have lived in and around Burlington for 43 years.  We have four grown children, and for the past 7 years our family has lived on Isham St. where I have worked to turn the green  space into flower beds,  worked on neighborhood issues, and have played an active role working on community grants for street improvement , and with DPW  for street calming.

For the past eight years I have worked for Vermont Association for Business, Industry and Rehabilitation as a Job Developer with the Division for the Blind & Visually  Impaired.  Like most Vermonters, I have had several careers  that have spanned business, we owned the Greatful Bread Deli in Essex Jct. I have been a teacher and substance abuse counselor. And, I  have developed several, small real estate projects.  However, what I’m best known for is my advocacy  for bicycling, walking, and Active Transportation.  I  have served on the board of Local Motion.  I serve on the Steering committee for the Burlington Walk/Bike Council, and am one of the founders of BTV  Bike Cluster and the HPV Burlington Bikefest.


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